Do you get a weekend?

One of the things I like about Friday afternoons is getting to ask people what their weekend plans are, and wishing them a good weekend. Today I realised it’s kind of silly to still do this – given that I’m one of the many people who works odd days and hours and usually works on one or both days of the weekend.

With the changes to retail opening hours and the move towards online business being 24/7, the barrier between the work week and weekend has fallen down, if not disappeared altogether. So it made me wonder – how many of us actually get a full weekend these days? Do you take work home with you, or do you work on your own sideline projects? Or maybe you have your ‘weekend’ during the week due to shiftwork. It’s all too easy to lose your leisure time this way. If you have any strategies for protecting your weekend time, please share in comments.

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